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Any home brewers out there? Stumbled across this little place the other day and was absolutely delighted! I thought all the home brew shops were only online now. Making beer at home is VERY easy and fun, you too can support the craft beer revolution right from your kitchen

Eoin Haberlin, Cork
Eoin Haberlin, Cork Bull Dog, Evil Dog

From kit order to glass pour, process was very straight forward. Great advice from Ian, and good quality kit. Evil Dog is a really nice IPA. First bottles were opened too soon in truth but that was really my over enthusiasm! Having had them maturing for 6 weeks or so now they are excellent, and well liked by those who have tasted. Looking forward to my next brew!

Ronan Briem, Stepaside
Ronan Briem, Stepaside Cooper’s Dark Ale

I made this with 0.5Kg of dark DME and 300g of Dextrose.  I left it in primary for a little over two weeks and then bottled with around 0.5 tsp of white sugar per bottle.  A beautiful drop to drink, I would recommend leaving it as long as you can in the bottle, it gets better every week.

Enda Quinn, Dundalk
Enda Quinn, Dundalk Four Fingered Jack

I made a batch of beer for a birthday party in my house and had many compliments from the guests.

Damien McNulty
Damien McNulty 5 Star Review

Great to have a Dublin based supplier, Ian was open on good Friday too!! Good range of kit (and growing) ideal for the beginner and very helpful and knowledgeable. Will use again for definite.

Fran Cassidy
Fran Cassidy 5 Star Review

Good prices. Nice website. They’re very central so you can order online and go pick your stuff up there. If not they charge a flat rate for delivery, so you can order as much stuff as you want. The owner is passionate about homebrew and you can tell he’s into the products he’s selling. I’d recommend dropping by for a look if you’re ever close by.

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