Tom Caxton's

Tom Caxtons – the name that all home beer makers will remember. Tom Caxton launched the “homebrew” concept and brought this fascinating hobby to the attention of the public back in the 1970’s by a series of highly visible advertising campaigns and good distribution through High Street outlets.

The name has always been synonymous with quality. You can trust a Tom Caxton beer kit to brew beers of the highest quality and character. This is because they do not compromise on the quality or selection of our raw materials. They use only the best malts and hops and provide the home beer maker with a yeast strain that has been carefully chosen for its hardy and robust character and an ability to turn balanced grist formulations into fine beers.

Today you can choose the Tom Caxton beer kit to suit your palate. The range is carefully designed to offer a wide variety of beer styles, true to type and simple to make. Take home a “Tom Caxton” today – make it your beer!

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