23 litre Auto Syphon


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Automatic siphon AUTO SYPHON

In crystal-clear plexiglas.

Puts an end to unhygienic blowing or sucking on the siphon: simply pull and the siphon is working !

With removable anti-dregs stopper, non-return valve and 1.5 metre of hose (diameter 9 mm). Length : 2 x 55 cm. Tap not included.

Attention: not suitable for fluids with a alcohol percentage > 40 vol.% !

– Submerge the end of the syhon into your beer or wine.

– Pump the inner tube up and down rapidly.

– The liquid is automatically drawn into the syphon pipe.

– Easier to use than a standard syphon with no risk of contamination.

This syphon has a large tube and will move beer / wine very quickly with no fuss