iBrew Tap-A-Draft, 4 by 10 pint minikeg system (40 pints)


It comes with:
– 4 by 10 pint minikegs,
– a unique carbonator/tap unit,
– 10 by CO2 bulbs,
– and instruction booklet.

Its a wonderful alternative to conventional 40 pint kegs and has many advantages:
– no secondary fermentation is required (the 10 pint kegs are ready to dispense an hour after injecting the CO2),
– they fit in a houshold fridge so that your beer can be chilled, and
– they can be moved around: from your kitchen to the coffee table, or to a party (no secondary fermentation means negligable yeast sediment so your beer stays crystal clear).

Also the dual injection system means that you can add both Nitrogen and CO2 to get perfect creamy stouts (and ales).

– do not overfill, leave at least 30 mm headspace; this is required to allow the gas space to expand into, and
– make sure the unit is horizontal before injecting gas, so that gas in injected through the beer.

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The key feature of the iBrew Tap-A-Draft equipment it that it now comes with new minikegs that can withstand much higher pressure than earlier versions.